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Who we are

We are a global contract manufacture specializing in building and assembling connectors, wire harnesses and modules to meet your design requirements.


We strive to be more than a manufacturer. ANT goes further to maximize our value and set ourselves apart from the competition.

We add value to our customers' designs. It is important for us to understand the function of what we are building so that we may utilize our extensive manufacturing know-how and experience to offer innovative suggestions and solutions to improve product design and manufacturability.

Nothing is lost in translation. Our native English speaking project management team saves our customers' time and ensures that no information is lost between them and ANT.

Our customers can focus on what matters most to them. ANT can shoulder the burden of tool making and manufacturing to free up our customers to focus their time and resources on the marketing, sales, and design of their products.



ANT serves leading global companies across multiple industries. We attribute our success with these companies to offering better solutions through true teamwork.


ANT recognizes that simply having talented employees is not enough. It is our strong culture of teamwork that allows us to harness our full potential and be better than the competition.


This spirit is embodied in our name "ANT". Like the insect, we strive to work together as a team to accomplish complex projects no one individual can do alone.




To be one of the most advanced contract manufacturer for connector and wire harnesses globally.
To realize our vision, we must have the following strengths:

  • Continuously expanding our knowledge of tooling technologies and optimizing our production processes.​

  • Be the most reputable and service-oriented contract manufacturer.

To be a trusted contract manufacturer and tooling supplier serving our customers.


ANT will ensure the code of conduct is followed for all customers, suppliers and shareholders.


Similar to ants, our team utilizes brainstorming activity as a way to come up with more intuitive ways to provide low-cost and high-quality solutions to customers. 


We tell the truth and commit to what we say.


Customers are our number 1 priority. We work to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers and ensure they are getting the best services from our team.

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